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Cypress Independent Living Services provides daily life skills trainings to adults with developmental disabilities and seniors, so they can lead the most independent and fulfilling lives possible. The education and instruction occurs in their local community.

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Intake and Assesment

During the Intake and Assessment process, individuals are contacted and interviewed to identify their point of entry in Independent Living skills instruction. An extensive review of their case history is conducted to compile current and historical information. The assigned Intake Coordinator gathers data from Regional Center reports, school records, physicians, psychologists, other professionals, and most importantly, the Consumers themselves.


Along with the data review, a comprehensive, hands on assessment is conducted over several sessions to identify the strengths and needs of the individual in more than 25 key areas of daily living. The information is then compiled into an completed intake report inclusive of findings and service recommendations for immediate and long-term planning of ILS instruction.


In addition to the detailed assessment and initial report, Consumers that participate in Cypress ILS programing also receive a specialized Individual Consumer Profile (ICP) that searches more than 1,000 Federal, State, County and Private programs and resources to find new and upgraded benefits that will help meet the daily challenges of living independently.

Case Managment

Every Consumer with an active case at Cypress ILS is assigned to a unit and a Life Skills Coach. Each unit is composed of an Intra-Disciplinary Team (IaDT) which consists of Life Skills Coaches, a Case Manager, and supervising Unit and Section Manager who work to oversee the administration of the services delivered to the Consumer by their team.


An Individual Service Plan (ISP) is created and implemented for the individual's ILS instruction. The ISP is developed from the Consumer's Regional Center Individual Program Plan (IPP) and the initial ILS Intake report to plan which services will be delivered. The Consumer sessions are documented, and progress reports are created at regular intervals to document the individuals progress in the program.

Making Notes
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Ongoing Direct Care Services

Cypress ILS specializes in Independent Living Skills instruction to help individuals learn how to be as independent as possible. Training is always tailor-made for clients and will vary from individual to individual. However, some of the more common areas of service and training include:


Money Management, Health Maintenance and Wellness, Household Maintenance, Mobility Training, Employment Training, Community Resource Development, Recreation, and Leisure skills development, and Benefits qualification and Coordination.


The ongoing services and specific areas of training can be adjusted and changed at any time to best meet the Consumer's need, with ILS and the Regional Center ID Team approval.

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